Japan Modern Dance Academy a success in Metz

This thursday 24. november, Japan Modern Dance Academy gave a successfull representation of modern and traditionnel dances in Metz. Salle Braun was overcrowded. Public applauded the japaneses dancers.
The young dancers of » Danse Culture Mouvement » from Metz shared the stage for a short dance programm.
Peace , love ,passion, beauty,life and nature were indeed on programm this evening.
The wind of automn flow from Japan to Metz.
Shamisen sound surprises us , « Requiem for victims of Caîn » hearts our hart, »Wind and waves » brings respect in nature, »Both angel and devil » show that the human nature can change so often .
A sun grows up ,sand can move: a star is going on.
Finaly ,MIMBU( a popular japanese dance)brings all the public in translation to Japan. Every body stands up to and starts dancing the popular dance SAASA MINNA DE DOKKOISHO.
Dancers and people exchanged a way of dancing.
( see the picture)

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